Anders Breivik. Photo: Day Donaldson

Global Roundup 360 – 26th April

Argentine music festival cancelled after multiple deaths on site Five people have died and five more remain in critical conditions in hospital after suspected drug overdoses at an Argentine festival. The Time Warp electronic music festival was being held for two days in the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires. Two people died at the event while…

US Election Countdown – 26th April

The American election is well under way and with just ten primaries left to go, most of the country is holding its breath to see who will win the Republican and Democratic nomination. Established facts: Trump really wants to build a wall; Bernie hates the 1%; and Ben Carson should really stick with medicine, not…

Baby's hand. Photo: Public Domain Pictures

Gender Selection: a worldwide issue?

The concept of pre-natal gender selection, where fetuses of an ‘unpreferred’ gender are aborted, is not a new one. The issue is commonly associated with China, when gender selective abortion started to become prevalent in the late 1970s after the one child law was introduced, and then spiked again towards the end of the century…

derby day

UEA lift Derby Day trophy four years in a row

Last week, UEA won Derby Day for a record fourth time in a row with a hard fought 34-30 victory at the University of Essex’s Colchester campus. The result was far narrower than UEA’s 42.5-19.5 triumph last year on home turf, but despite being a much improved side, Essex still could not close the gap…

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