The union's LGBT+ officer has called for the university to fly the rainbow flag

University refuses to fly pride flag

The UEA administration have responded to calls from student LGBT+ campaigners to fly the pride flag over the Registry Building. The issue was initially raised with the Vice-Chancellor at a Union Council meeting on 16th April and has been an ongoing concern since. The request was made in order to celebrate Norwich Pride on 25th…

Bearded dragons in Australia have been shown to change sex in hotter environments.

Australian reptiles are switching sex

New research has found that increasing temperatures are causing australian central bearded dragons that are genetically male to hatch as females and give birth to other lizards. Some reptiles such as alligators and some turtles naturally have their genders determined by the immediate surrounding temperature during incubation rather than sex chromosomes; but this is the…

Theresa May, the home secretary, at the Policy Exchange.

Non-EU students to be forced to leave UK after graduation

Non-EU international students will be forced to leave the UK following the completion of their degree under new plans announced by Theresa May, the home secretary, this week. The home secretary will also introduce new rules preventing foreign students from working, even part time, whilst completing their studies. The Home Office has described the introduction…

A foxhunt in progress.

Government retreat over foxhunting

The Government’s plans to amend the Hunting Act were delayed after 56 SNP MPs announced on Tuesday 14th July that they would vote alongside Labour and some Conservative members to oppose these changes to the law. The vote on the proposed amendments has been postponed, for the time being. These proposals involved plans to relax…

Wikimedia, Ggia

Greece: how have we got here and what’s next?

For the previous weeks and months, the European news networks have seemingly been dominated by one subject: Greece. Every time that we tune into the news channels a previous deadline has been missed or a new one has been set, the camera bulbs are flashing as Cameron and co. arrive in Brussels with very serious…

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