‘In’,’Out’ and just too expensive

I’ve always been somewhat suspicious of change. I know how I like my coffee, I hated iOS 7 and Ill chose a film photo over a digital any day. However, coffee and polaroids aside, sometimes it can be a good thing, as it brings with it new challenges and adventures. It is on that note…

Union Coca Cola protest - twitter, @UnionUEA

Union hypocrisy over NUS Coca Cola boycott

The Union of UEA Students has opened itself up to accusations of hypocrisy by placing tables and umbrellas displaying Coca Cola branding and imagery outside Unio coffee shop. Last summer, four Union officers refused to accept an award from the NUS, as the Gala event was partially sponsored by Coca Cola. Jo Swo, Yinbo Yu,…

L-R: Charles Clarke, Richard Howitt, Hilary Benn, Emma Reynolds, Clive Lews Photo: Twitter, Richard Howitt

UEA students set to back Remain in EU referendum

As the referendum on British membership to the European Union draws ever closer, UEA students appear to be leaning towards the Remain camp. Yet, there has been increasing apathy on a national scale amongst young people towards the debate. At UEA, only 300 people out of 15,000 potential students answered a mock EU Referendum Poll:…

Photo: Jessica Frank-Keyes

Is campus expansion pushing up accommodation prices?

From the construction of The Enterprise Centre last year and the announcement of the demolishing of Congregation Hall, to the new accommodation buildings on the Blackdale site: UEA’s campus is dramatically expanding. You would be forgiven for failing to notice the slow pace of initial development, but in line with the university’s development plan: 2030…

Women by the sea. Photo: Pixabay

Muslim students avoiding involvement in politics

Muslim students are avoiding participation in politics for fear of being labelled extremist, according to the Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS). The organisation, which represents nearly half a million Muslim students in the UK, issued their warning before the details of the Queen’s speech were announced on 18th May. While the Counter Extremism and…

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