FA Cup. Photo: Wikimedia

Should the FA bring end to cup replays?

The FA Cup needs restructuring. That is the view of a large quantity of football supporters from England’s top clubs, who, following the culmination of third round weekend, have seen their teams’ players fatigued by what they deem unnecessary replays. It begs the questions of what is to be done to restore this grand old…

ProteinWorld's advert that caused controversy last year. Photo: Pamela Graham

Capitalism and controversy – why marketers love to offend

In a society characterised by capitalism, consumerism and simply “having it all”, it is impossible to avoid advertisements and maintain immunity from the influence of ever-clever PR techniques. More than ever, marketers have the ability to work out precisely what makes you tick and exactly how to target you, and that is all thanks to…

'Education is not for sale' banner. Photo: Wikimedia, Manfred Werner

Student grants scrapped

Maintenance grants for students from lower income households have been scrapped by the government after MPs voted in favour of new plans last week. Students from low-income households will from September be entitled to a larger loan, but this must be repaid. The government originally attempted to push through the proposal without a full House…

Orca Whales. Photo: Flickr, Christopher Michel

Pollutants threatening numerous dolphins

From watching numerous David Attenborough marine life documentaries, we know that humanity needs to reduce the amount of pollutants carelessly dumped into the ocean. Studies have shown that killer whales and dolphins are currently under serious threat from polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), a complex organic molecule, meaning these marvellous mammals could face extinction as a result…

UEA, teaching wall 1 (Flickr, 1gl)

UEA named as one of UK’s most under-rated unis

According to the Student Room, the University of East Anglia has been described as the most under-rated university in the UK, especially in the prestigious subject departments of medicine and law. UEA was named alongside other institutions in the national top 20 –including Bath, St Andrews, Nottingham, Sussex and Surrey – as one of the…

Mortgage application form. Photo: Picserver, nyphotographic

My Generation – Parents vs Children

We are all familiar with the phrases ‘back in my day…’ or ‘when I was young…’ but how much can our parents and grandparents really relate to the world we now live in? Times have changed rapidly, so much so that society today is almost unrecognisable to how it was when our parents were in…

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