The state of freedom of speech

I wasn’t sure whether I was surprised or not by the recent Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris. Some work produced by people with a sense of humour is taken as ‘offensive’ by those with no sense of humour whatsoever, and the latter feel they have a right to kill the producers. It’s a familiar story….

alexis sanchez

Alexis Sanchez: can one man make a team?

“I would not vote for any Ballon d’Or. I’m totally against it. I’m a team lover and a specialist of somebody who loves team work”. Those were the words of Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger when asked who would get his vote as the best player in world football. This came during his first press conference…

alexis tsipras

The consequences of hardship

It is well known that economic difficulty breeds support for extremism. The effects of the First World War birthed fascism in Italy and communism in Russia. The effects of the Great Depression of the 1930s saw the rise of a large number of right-wing dictatorships – most infamously, of course, Nazi Germany, but also those…

UEA, Square 3 (Flickr, Blue Square Thing)

Number of part time students plummets: report

Higher Education Statistics Agency has released new data which reveals that the number of students studying part time has plummeted over the last year. The findings highlight a trend that the number of part time under-rates has continued to fall since the increase in tuition fees in 2011. The watchdog revealed that the number of…

Theresa May (Flickr, Cheshire East Council)

Backlash among profession over tough stance on foreign students

Theresa May faces backlash over her tough stance on international students. Higher education officials have called on her to stop using them as a political football in a Conservative Party power struggle. This follows the emergence of more visa restrictions for foreign students wishing to study in the UK. May’s department had planned to force…

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