The 1920’s: jazz, money, parties and the makeup was pretty damn good too. Stars such as Clara Bow and Louise Brooks rebelled from the Hollywood norm, and the classic 20’s look was born – bold, dramatic, dark, and truly flapper. Makeup was heavy and used dramatically thin, dark brows, gothic lipstick, and rounded smoky eyes to create the vamp look.

If you were thinking about heading over to the Gatsby party at the LCR this month – why not experiment with a look that is truly iconic. Perhaps not for the faint-hearted, however!

finished look

1. Start out by prepping your skin with an exfoliator and follow up with moisturiser to make it easier to apply your foundation later on. As its winter and we’re all suffering from some chapped-lips it’s always a good idea to get a bit of lip butter on now before starting your makeup, so that your lips are moisturised ready for later.

2. Putting a loose powder underneath your eyes means that when you apply your eye shadow, any fall-out can easily be swiped away with the powder meanings there’s no mess. Then follow up by priming your eyes, we love to just use a thick concealer and dab it all the eyelids.

powder under eyes

3. Use a blending brush to create the iconic 20’s eyeshadow shape. Use a medium brown eyeshadow to create a very rounded look into the crease of the eye. The whole aim is to make this ‘sad eyed’ shape, sloping downwards. Don’t forget to apply shadow on the lower lash line, right up to the tear duct!

eye shadow

4. Making sure that all the edges are blended out thoroughly, you can now get your darker shadow and push it all across the lid using a flat shader brush, then blending out in to the crease. Once again, the concentration of colour should be in the inner part of the eye and moving upwards towards the brow and all along the lower lash line blending in to the brown colour.

eye shadow 2

5. The classic 20’s brow shape was super thin, very rounded, and very long. If your brows aren’t thin enough for that look, you can still imitate the look by rounding off the arch of your brows and elongating the tail so that it frames the downwards sloping of colour that we’ve created on the eyes.

eye brow

6. For the skin, you want to achieve an uber matte finish, no shine whatsoever. Using a thick concealer first to cover any blemishes and zits, and then followed up by using a foundation one shade lighter your usual to achieve that ‘doll-like look’. Mattify your skin down by using your favourite powder, then place some dolly pink blush right on the apples of the cheeks.


7. For the lips, go for a super dark, dramatic, look. Apply black liner (very messily) all around the lip line, exaggerating the length of the top lip and rounding off the tops of the lips so that the cupids bow looks more dipped down. Then just take a dark lipstick and blend it in to the black edges with a lip brush.


8. Finish off by putting lashings of mascara on the upper and lower lashes or use false lashes for ever more drama.

9. For the hair, go for super straight and finish off by putting on a headpiece reminiscent of the crazy bling-bling ones they wore back then.

Now you’re ready to roar, 20’s style!