Return of the Kim: Kim Jung-un no longer Kim Gone-un

It would have been unsurprising to have heard a cohesive sigh of relief across North Korea on 14th October once leader Kim Jong-un made his first public appearance since 3rd September. Speculation was raised after the almighty Mr Kim went unseen for 40 days missing two fundamental dates in the uniquely absurd North Korean calendar. The leader…


Creative Writing: Faith

A great golden cloud floating above the globe that you pull down around your shoulders as a cloak. Something that someone you love told you once that still makes you laugh alone at the bus stop past midnight.


EuroGamer Exposed

EGX is one of Europe’s biggest video game trade shows, with this year’s attendance topping 75,000. With the big three industry giants Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft, as well as a variety high profile developers and publishers, EGX is clearly looking to play a role equal to a European equivalent of E3 or PAX. It is…


UEA Futsal taste continental success

Following on from the league-winning success of the UEA Futsal first team in 2013-14 and subsequent promotion to the Premier Midlands Division, the club has added continental success to its roster in the Eurofives Autumn Cup in Amsterdam. The well-esteemed tournament, now in its 11th year of competition, was also contested by RBS London, Apollo,…

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