The value of marginal seats

Charles Clark’s experience in 2010 highlights the importance of marginals, and how the whole election can come to hang upon the campaigns run in those constituencies. Some marginal seats have a history of voting in the candidate from the part which goes on to win the election, and have become crucial for number crunchers, and…

Charles Clarke 1 (Wikimedia, Policy Exchange)

After Hours: What happens after voting closes?

The election count which concludes all parliamentary elections has its own rituals and procedures – similar in every parliamentary constituency. In Norwich the count takes place in St Andrews Hall, a splendid medieval building full of history which conveys its own sense of significance for all those in the hall. Events are overseen by the…

Farage (wikimedia, euro realist farage)

There is more to Ukip than just Nigel Farage

With the general elections drawing ever closer, Britain’s parties are naturally being increasingly scrutinised. However, due to the political agendas of Britain’s media, the militant acts of ‘progressive liberal’ protest groups, Ukip and its leader have been criticised far more than the other parties. One of the points raised by this is whether the party…

Steve Emmens

Interview: Steve Emmens

Steve Emmens looks like your average guy; he moved to Norwich 20 years ago in the pursuit of love, but then fell in love with the city and never left. He has been married to wife Tania for 15 years, has a cat called Marmalade and an enthusiastic smile when he talks about what he…

Douglas Carswell 2

Interview: Douglas Carswell

When we were shown into the meeting room for the interview with Douglas Carswell it was clear that he wasn’t fazed or nervous, and was every inch the professional MP. His recent move to Ukip had obviously been a major landmark in his career, and one which was particually controversial. Concrete was eager to interview…

The Green Party’s vision is not utopian

The Green party is set for its most successful general election result so far on the 7th May and is likely to retain its one MP – former party leader Caroline Lucas, in her Brighton Pavilion seat. The Green candidate for Norwich South, Lesley Grahame, stands a very real chance of becoming the party’s second…

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