A review of the East Anglian Student Film Festival 2014

On the 10th of October, Suffolk One hosted the East Anglian Student Film Festival. With a collection of eager and passionate students coming from Anglia Ruskin, West Suffolk College and Norwich University of the Arts, the college was filled with an excited and lively atmosphere, fuelled by the students’ charitable contributions of £1 each to…


Everybody Wants Some Wang

If you possess even the most fleeting of interest in the High Street, you’ll be aware that Alexander Wang (the man with the hilarious name) has designed a range for H&M. The internet has been going insane about it and people would probably rip a collection piece from your cold dead hands to have it…


Review: Friday Night at the Minotaur Shorts Festival

Another night at the Theatre. Or at least, another night within the imaginative recesses of the UEA Drama Studio. Following Thursday’s impressive opening of the annual Shorts Festival, there is much anticipation in the air on entering the studio for the second round of this showcase for creative talent. Tonight, we are hurled deep into…

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