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Lauren Bacall – the last of the Hollywood greats

“You know how to whistle, don’t you? You just put your lips together and…blow.” Lauren Bacall was only 19 and starring in her first feature film when she said this to Humphrey Bogart in To Have and Have Not. Bacall left such an impression on him that they married quickly, becoming the first Hollywood power…


When the news fails

Television news is broken, and nothing highlights this better than the ongoing tensions in Ferguson, Missouri. While the news shows in the UK were ensuring to squeeze every last drop of reportage out of the conflict in Ukraine, one of the biggest race-related clashes between police and the black community was raging in a St….


Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014: The first glimpse

There is much to be said for visiting the Fringe early, before the festival has really got ticking; the increased chance of tickets before the media becomes saturated with write ups and the opportunity to personally spot who to watch out for in comedy over the next year. Reviewers can inform your experience, but there…

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Israel must accept compromise in Gaza

The total human cost of the ongoing Israel-Palestine situation is staggering. For decades, short-lived armistices have been interspersed with open conflicts, whether in the form of land invasions of Gaza or aerial strikes which often lead to horrendous civilian casualties. Out of frustration at the apparent insolubility of this decades-old crisis, the international community have,…


Student union announces changes to Union House

UEA’s students’ union has announced a number of “dramatic” changes to Union House, following feedback from students earlier this year. Changes include the introduction of a new social learning and coffee space called “Unio” on the ground floor, dedicated spaces for exhibitions and stalls in the Hive and more rooms for societies and students to…

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Concrete writers’ Premier League predictions

With the start of the new Premier League season just days away, the Concrete Sport writers decided to get together to create a final predictions table. What follows is an amalgamation of the predictions of Concrete’s Sport’s contributors and in no way wholly reflects (in many ways it wholly diverges from) the viewpoint of any…

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