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The Editor’s Column – 13th January 2015

The start of a new semester is here, and for a good few of us at Concrete this means our final semester at UEA. Whichever year of study you’re in, the drawing to the end of the academic year is often stress-inducing, whether this be due to essay deadlines, exams or up-coming pressures. This issue,…

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We Need To Stop Defining People By Their Illness

Talking about mental illness is a thorny subject. It affects a lot of people on a very intimate level. Mental illness affects a person’s personality, thoughts, mind-set and behaviour. With this in mind, people often brand an individual on the basis of their mental health and state: ‘you are bi-polar’ instead of ‘you have bi-polar’….


Discover Workaway: By Working Away

As students, many of us find difficulty in scraping up the money to get away. Sure, discount flight companies like RyanAir and EasyJet make it easier to get around the destinations closer to home, but let’s not forget hostel costs, food and drink, getting your hands on some beautiful Moroccan pillowcases, the list goes on….


The New Years resolutions you’ll wish you’d made

At the start of every year we ritualistically make promises to ourselves, usually little things to make us ‘better human beings’. Personally, my New Year’s resolution every year is to stop biting my nails, but within the first few weeks (days) of January my nails have been gnawed back down. New year’s resolutions are always…


True Detective: The Trouble With Women Is

This isn’t about the Bechdel test. This isn’t about groundbreaking narratives, six minute long unedited shots, or how we may be entering the best years ever for quality television. This isn’t about satanic murders in southern America inspired by true events. This is about how one of televisions best shows in years highlights a binary…

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