With a gorgeous snow scene as our front cover, and a collage of students’ best snow pictures on page 30 (my personal favourite is Daniel Finch’s photograph of a semi-frozen lake) it’s hard to believe this is our last issue of Venue before Easter. But this was the most picturesque snowfall I have seen in all my four years of living in Norwich – my Instagram feed was full of beautiful snowcovered Norwich for a good three days – so, here at Venue, we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to showcase some of UEA’s best amateur weather photographers.

The unexpected March snow-fall, along with the continued disruption caused by the strikes, has meant this semester has been a particularly unusual one. For many students, the absence of routine has been extremely frustrating – but it’s also been a great time to spend time doing the things that normally get pushed aside in favour seminar reading. I have spent many a chilly afternoon in Café Nero writing (for fun!) and reading a good book, all whilst enjoying a caramel shortbread.

And it seems Venue’s writers have also been making the most of their free time: this issue, we’ve got some great articles ranging from photojournalism to beauty banks, from foreign films to an interview with local band Ducking Punches. And of course, despite the unexpected arrival of the Beast from the East, Easter is on the way (and I’ve got the one-pound bunches of daffodils from the Coop in my room to prove it.) So, with a whole month of free time ahead, now is the time to get creative; whether that means dusting off your camera, getting your paint brushes out, or just reading that book you that’s been gathering dust on your shelf.

So, happy Easter from Venue. I hope it’s a creative one!