Georgia Tomlinson-Spence and Connor Gani, currently on a year abroad in San Francisco, write about what the city means to them, and share what they think makes it such a unique place to live.

Georgia’s favourite moments in San Francisco

Left: I took this photo at a one-woman show by the amazing performer Rahni Nothingmore at a club in SoMa in San Francisco. One thing I love so much about the city is the range of art and performance events, and the inspiration and friendship you can find at them. I’ve discovered incredible musicians, dancers and poets by just taking a chance, paying the $5-15 cover and standing in a crowd. These people inspire me no-end and it’s something that I’ll take with me for the rest of my life and bring to my work. The creativity of the city is almost overwhelming, but always worth it.
Right: This photo is of a section of the campus at SF State and a little of the hills of Ingleside where I live. I had found myself, for no particular reason, lacking inspiration on this campus and when I was told I had to use it as a basis for an assignment for my Photojournalism class I knew I was going to find it difficult. What I didn’t expect, however, was how I’d feel being up on this rooftop, looking out over the bleachers and onto the colourful houses of the bay. It hit me all over again, where I am and the beauty of it all. I am so happy with everything I’ve learnt and the chances I’ve taken that happened right on this campus and I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to be here, to live through this amazing experience and take in all that San Francisco has to offer.

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Connor’s favourite moments in San Francisco

Left: This is the view from my balcony. Yes balcony. As the sun set on Ocean Beach one night I took this picture to try and capture just how beautiful this city can be. It isn’t every day you get to wake up, go to the third floor balcony with six of your 16 housemates and share this view. San Francisco has so much to offer. From small independent café’s and bars, to beaches, to full-on gay clubs in the Castro, but nothing can beat the very simple fact that I get to see this every day.
Right: I took this picture after a trip to City Lights Bookstore – the publishing centre for Allen Ginsberg’s famous Beat poem Howl – and I was completely taken aback by exactly where I was. I was in San Francisco. The city manages to burst with vibrancy whilst still keeping its quaint authenticity. I found it hard to believe that this street was in the heart of San Francisco’s downtown area. It really made me appreciate where I was. The city is beautiful. There is so much to do. The music scene is on point. I will greatly miss this place.