Aloe Vera: Short-stemmed succulent with thick and fleshy leaves

Serrated edges of small white teeth

That smile as he soothes your burns and bruises.

Chamomile: Tiny daisy flowers bloom on long stalks

Reaching to the sky with its yellow core surrounded by white rays

A sacred herb born of the sun.

Echinacea: Hermaphroditic

Purple in the wild; dull in the domestic

Pronounced as though one were sneezing.

Forget-Me-Not: Blue of colour with a little spot of yellow

Begs to be remembered—

A happily grieving flower.

Hemlock: Hemlock water dropwort poisoning—

Hallucinations—delirium—tingling— numbness of skin—

A poisonous plant—Endowing its victims with a fatal and eternal smile.

Iris: Ornate Greek rainbow

Three upright petals


Jasmine: Magical properties: Prophetic dreams—love—meditation—aura healing—

psychic protection—confidence—aphrodisiac.

A sweet lullaby sung under a full moon.

Knotweed: Quick and aggressive; an imperialist crowding out native plants

Encouraged by human interaction and water

Difficult to eradicate and gain independence.

Lavender: Full of fragrance

Enchanting sun-lover and popularly purple friend

The gatekeeper to dreamland—

Moonflower: Looks as sweet as it sounds

With a vine that only blooms at dusk

It closes up just after dawn.

Orchid: A powerful aphrodisiac. Fleshy tubing and phallic resemblance

Speaks to the gift of fertility, virility, and sexuality

Which oozes from the pulsating petals.

Poppy: Ruby red for remembrance; rough reminder of violence

From ruined ground did they spring

In Flanders Fields.

Queen of the Meadow: A Native Irishwoman with a stern red body topped with a good Sunday Mass lace hat,

Confined to damp meadows and the edge of ditches

Strewn on the floor and stood on to smell sweet.

Rose: A deceiving symbol of love with vibrant colour and fragrance

Yet trailing a mossy spiked stem

Too easy to draw blood and hybridise—fake love.

Sweet Pea: A parting kiss—

The first inhale after—


Thistle: The flower of Scotland;

A protector against enemies and ambushes

A spikey symbol of survival.

Uva Ursi: Urn-shaped flowers and spherical berries

Flushed and blushing pink fairies

Eternally green and upright.

Witch Hazel: If one were to ask what the sublime means—tell them it is witch hazel

A winter flower that takes its time and crawls out curious spidery displays,

One that smells of spices and holds healing powers in its divine body.

Yellow Archangel: Don’t forget about your archangels for they grow aggressively;

Lovers of the shade and dark hiding places;

Always there, but when trod upon or thought of a faint odour comes to mind.

Zinnia: A late-summer early-autumn mug of coffee

Butterfly lover, hummingbird whisperer

The perfect and most supreme.

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