Nothing But Thieves spoke to Venue ahead of their debut release, self-titled album, and show at Norwich’s Waterfront.

How has the tour gone so far?
[su_quote]Really well actually, every show has been sold out so far and the crowd reception has been awesome. We’ve been a bit sleep deprived and a bit tired and a bit angry, no I’m joking not angry just a bit cranky. The shows have been like the pick me up of feeling knackered, they’re the much needed adrenaline boost that we need so it’s been really good.[/su_quote]

How has the album been received, with the new crowds especially?
[su_quote]You see everyone singing along; they don’t just know the singles they seem to know every track from the album which is wicked. Yeah it’s been weird. Some of the songs have been hidden away for years so to then see them singing along it’s really strange.[/su_quote]

Have you noticed the crowds increasing in size, on this tour especially?
[su_quote]Massively, this tour sold out really quickly UK wise. This show sold out in two hours, it was the quickest one and they are the biggest rooms we’ve ever played on our headline tour and its definitely an improvement from the last time we were on tour.[/su_quote]

When I first started listening to you I loved ‘Graveyard Whistling’, then ‘Ban All The Music’, then Itch and now ‘If I Get High’ – how do you keep writing brilliant songs?
[su_quote]It’s just endless talent! No, it’s just blagging isn’t it. I think it’s because we write a lot and we are quite tough on ourselves with it, so we won’t release anything that we think is not good enough. It’s high expectations so the songs that you hear on the album we’ve whittled down from like 40 or 50 songs and that was a shortlisting in itself, so the album is a shortlist of the shortlist if that makes sense. We just spend a lot of time writing and crafting. We are still writing now for album number two. We don’t write for an album we just write for the sake of loving writing music.[/su_quote]

Are there any cool places in Southend where you hang out?
[su_quote]Probably where we used to gig all the time, ‘Chinnerys’ – we’d also do rehearsal places there and it was where we spent a lot of time going out to clubs and bars every weekend. There’s not many places to go. I used to live in Rayleigh so I spend a lot of time there with the boys.[/su_quote]

Do you get to go home a lot now?
[su_quote]Not really, it’s a shame, I do miss it. We’ve actually just booked train tickets from Birmingham on our day off to go back to London just so I can go to my own bed and wash some clothes and use my own shower rather than showering in venues.[/su_quote]

It’s the small things, like toilet roll.
[su_quote]Honestly, you’re telling me. Seriously, we’re so busy now that you don’t have any time for yourself. It’s alright, everyone needs toilet roll, it’s fine. Those that try to hide it are lying.[/su_quote]

If you weren’t in the band what would you be doing?
[su_quote]Oh god, cruise ship singer or a mass murderer, Dom’s pretty psychotic. Yeah, I play a lot of Grand Theft Auto. I’d probably still be in music. I’m really into production so I’d probably be a producer. You never know though, we might have never got into it, could be a garbage man – which is fine it’s a very honourable job. Or maybe down the A & R side of labels, it’s hard to tell so we’re lucky we’ve got this.[/su_quote]

What do you think of the British indie industry at the moment?
[su_quote]I actually think it’s shaping up nicely, there’s a want and demand also within the industry like the radio stations and the magazines are wanting indie alternative rock bands to come through. For instance, getting on the Annie Mac show playlist, she needed three or four bands to pluck and she picked us and that’s such a great thing to be a part of. There are always good indie bands around but it does come in waves of popularity and being fashionable. It really is a bit of luck so its good timing on our path. [/su_quote]

With some bands you listen to two or three songs on the album and that’s all you’re really interested in, but I personally love every song on this album.
[su_quote]That’s what we were saying earlier about how we’re quite hard on ourselves with the songs, because each song we pick apart individually and every moment of every song we try and make special for the listener, so it’s not like we have the basis of the song and we just chuck some guitars in there, we do really think hard about every element.[/su_quote]

Every song has a different edge to it as well.
[su_quote]We make a point of not writing the same song twice and each one will offer something different because there’s been a million albums, (I won’t name names, over the years that I listen to once and I get bored of because it’s the same idea and trick rehashed). Whereas we might be too eclectic for some people but I’d much rather be that than a one trick pony.[/su_quote]