The FA Cup is the home of shock defeats. Everyone loves it when the little underdog strides into a Premier League stadium, puffs their chest out, and sends the giants home crying.

For fans who are used to seeing their team play in a stadium that barely has 4 stands, seeing their team defeat a Premier League giant is a memorable occasion, and that was exactly what happened when League 1 Wigan beat Premier League leaders Man City earlier this week.

Will Grigg’s (that guy who everyone sings about being on fire) smart finish late in the second half stunned City, and cemented Wigan’s place as true FA Cup giant killers. However, there have been some far more memorable occasions.

Remember back in 2014, Louis Van Gaal had just become manager of United and was having a really rocky period?

He probably thought some success in the League Cup would put the pressure off, so it sure helped when Will Grigg (yup, him again) slid in 2 goals to help MK Dons onto a 4-0 mauling of the footballing titans. Spurs fans will have noticed a young, 18 year-old Deli Alli patrolling the midfield in that game.

That’s not United’s only embarrassing League Cup exit: losing 2-1 to championship side Crystal Palace in the 2011/12 season, and 2-0 to Championship Coventry in 2007/8 will also be key points United fans will be keen to forget.

Across the northern capital, City fans may be smiling, but that smile will easily fade when they recall their 3-0 thrashing at the hands of Nottingham Forest.

City entered the 2009 FA Cup as the richest club in the world, with a seemingly bottomless pot of money (which they decided to spend on Robinho but nevermind that…) at their disposal.

However this meant nothing to Forest, who slid 3 past the Premier League side, including one from old West Brom striker Robert Earnshaw, in order to silence the home fans.

Things aren’t so good for Chelsea fans either. Their 2-0 lead against Bradford in 2015 was shattered into a 4-2 loss. Bradford, who went on to be crowned winners of the Ronnie Radford FA Cup Giant Killers Award, also defeated Premier League side Sunderland in the next round of the competition.

This wasn’t the only time Bradford had stormed past Premier League giants. In the 2012/13 season, they decimated 3 Premier League sides before losing to Swansea in the final, including victory over Arsenal.

It all just goes to show, knockout football is where it all happens. Sure, City have only lost 1 other game this season, but, Wigan can come knock that door down… Why not, eh?