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“Art is not just in the Sainsbury Centre”

I don’t think I need to tell you that the lake here is beautiful. Nor do I need to tell you that it looks spectacular when the light is low; or when the camera captures the sun’s rays peeking through the bare branches; or when it turns the weeping willow leaves into translucent emeralds; or when the umber shadows stretch across the yellow gravel pathways like chocolate drizzled on butterscotch; or when the glistening amber sunlight shimmers across the water’s surface beneath the familiar sight of the Ziggurats.

There is a beautiful scene to be found anywhere, with just the right weather, lighting, and inclination to not only see it, but notice it.

Art is not just what you find in the Sainsbury Centre. And you do not have to see things the same way artists do. The way you see the world: no other person, be they artist or scientist, can see it the same way you do. You do not have to see faces as masks like Modigliani does. You do not have to see objects in a distorted and depressing way like with Bacon. You do not have to see people as fragile and moulded by other people as Giacometti portrays humans.

You have your own way of seeing things. You may love the way light shows off the colour in everything, or the way night turns things to shadow. You may love the vividness of grass in the tinted autumn sunlight, or you may love grass in the early morning when it glistens with an icy dew. Whatever you find beauty in, there is always something the world can offer you.

But that’s not to say we should be looking at the world all the time. We have our own thoughts. We have our worries and our stresses (thanks to uni), and escapism is so underrated. Be it our phones, or our music, it’s understandable that we may want to ignore the world now and then. Just so long as we appreciate that it is not always an ugly, horrible place.

Brown autumn leaves against a murky blue sky? The mess on your desk, with cellophane wrappings and tissues piled up, and two highlighters, one pink and one yellow, poking out from beneath the wreckage? The way they arranged your cheeseburger and chips, making it a double decker for an extra £1? Gorgeous.

Get your phone out, and take a picture. Look again a few days later, and remember the joy.

There is beauty everywhere.


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June 2022
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