Elizabeth Wigley

1. Backpack – the 90s are back in a big way, and what better way to show it off than with a backpack. Make sure it can fit all your uni items and you’re good to go.

2. Waterproof outer-wear – although dubbed as the ‘driest region of the UK’, Norfolk can get pretty wet sometimes! Make sure you’re ready for a sudden downpour with a comfy jacket or coat that is guaranteed to keep you dry.

3. A few pairs of jeans – these can be different colours (it’s up to you to decide if three various shades of black counts!). Although darker colours tend to be worn in the colder seasons, there’s nothing to say your white jeans don’t get to come out to brighten up your day.

4. Top layers – this is especially important if you’re living off campus. You leave the house thinking you should be wearing a thicker coat, yet by the time you get to the lecture theatre you’re wishing you could jump into a cold swimming pool. Layers will be your best friend in this case; it’s always better to have too many clothes on than not enough.

5. Scarf, hat and gloves – it’s undeniably going to get colder, and realistically these items aren’t going to take up much room in your bag if you don’t wear them. So if it’s looking a little chilly, take them with you and thank yourself later.

6. Your favourite pyjamas/dressing gown – whether you’re feeling down from freshers’ flu or being homesick, having these to slip into might help to perk you up a it.

7. Sports/gym clothes – you may not have joined the gym, you may not have joined a sports team, but that doesn’t mean you won’t change your mind throughout the year.

8. Fancy dress clothes – these are a must-have for a Damn Good time at the LCR!

9. Low-care items – it’s inevitable, it’s going to get to a point during the year where you can’t be bothered to iron AGAIN. So take clothes that don’t crease easily or have to be dry-cleaned – save yourself the hassle!

10. A comfy hoodie – for those cold/wet/sleepy/lazy days, or for when someone burns some toast and you have to huddle outside whilst the fire alarm goes off.

11. Slippers – no one wants to step on something nasty in the kitchen when barefoot

12. A selection of going out clothes – for all types of weather! That playsuit you wore at freshers’ might not necessarily keep you warm in December…


Rachel Throupe

1. One crisp shirt, whiter than a pane of ice. Perfect for that sharp front of professionalism required for important meetings and careers events.

2. A couple of knitted jumpers, for layering over the aforementioned white shirt when ice has melted to warm Autumn cosiness.

3. A novelty pop culture t-shirt or two. Ideal for signalling your allegiance to fictional worlds.

4. A pair of well-fitting jeans, for when you’re seizing life by the belt loops.

5. A pair of washed out jeans, for when you’ve had two hours sleep and a 9am start.

6. Waterproof boots. When setting off on those impromptu collective flat walks around the broad, no one will remember the past three days of rain.

7. A snazzy, funky, rad patterned shirt, disorientating to the eyes and purchased at the start-of-semester vintage fair.

8. Gloves, scarf, hat. It’ll get cold quickly. Bundle up like a child – though without your mittens being connected through your coat sleeves (probably).

9. That one fancy dress outfit to dig out for every single social, adding and taking away bits of it to adequately suit whatever the night’s theme is.

10. A Coveted UEA Hoodie (trademark). Mandatory. Get ‘em while they’re hot.


The Verdict

1. Backpack

2. gloves, coat, hat

3. pyjamas

4. jazzy shirt

5. uea hoodie

6. lcr outfit

7. jeans

8. slippers

9. fancy dress

10. knitted jumper