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Norwich Theatre Royal

Gallowglass reviewed: not “kidnapping” enough

A “gallowglass” is an Irish mercenary from the 16th century, and in the words of novelist Ruth Rendell a ‘chief servant’. Gallowglass, performed at...
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Oceans suffocate as dead zones quadruple

Scientists are issuing serious warnings about the exponential growth of ocean ‘dead zones’, known as areas of water with low to no oxygen, which...

Witchy winners: Youth theatre ‘Lords and Ladies’ is enchanting

Lords and Ladies debuted this week at Norwich’s Theatre Royale, a farcical youth production based on the 1992 novel by Terry Pratchet. The play...
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Art that haunts us

Think of Scooby-Doo, old-fashioned haunted houses, Mona the vampire slayer- baddies pretending to be statues, of portraits with creepy eyes that follow you across...