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hair dye / bleach by silviaita on pixabay

Home hair-dyes: ever a good idea?

Dyeing your hair at home can be a total mixed bag. After willfully ignoring my hairdresser friend’s warnings about using Live Colour XXL as...
the letter by yangyangmobile

Indie-penchant: The Letter

Fittingly enough, The Letter is essentially a love letter to Japanese horror films like Ju-On: The Grudge and The Ring. This visual novel is...
nier automata by VALRO Photography on flickr

Existentialism: 2B or not 2B?

We need more games like Nier Automata. Yoko Taro, its director, isn’t afraid to attempt the unconventional, and the game wears its enthusiasm for philosophy...
Wikimedia Commons - Osmotic Games

Indie-penchant: Orwell

By far the most striking thing about Orwell is how it feels a hair away from reality: the sleek, minamalist style of the...
transistor by bagogames on flickr

Indie-penchant: Transistor

The fact that Transistor was nominated in the 2017 Steam Awards for Best Soundtrack is testament to the strength of its musical score: the...
Cloud dog Photo: UEA Cloud Dog Facebook

Who’s a good boy?

To celebrate the Year of the Dog beginning this month, here are a few of the best pups in gaming! D-Dog: Metal Gear Solid 5 Not...