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monster factory by polygon

You should be watching Monster Factory

I first came across Monster Factory at the tail end of 2015 and it was love at first sight. It’s an ongoing Youtube series...
fallout new vegas by playstation europe on flickr

The worst sex scenes in gaming

There’s just something about sex scenes in games- they are near-impossible to get right. Whether it’s the uncanny valley lending a hand to turn...

Indie-penchant: Hatoful Boyfriend

Let’s get this out of the way early. Hatoful Boyfriend is a Japanese pigeon dating simulator. It is a game in which you romance...
bagogames, flickr

“Future looks bright” for TWEWY

The World Ends with You is one of those games that seems entirely married to the system it was first released on: it was...
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Final Fantasy XV: a retrospective

Content provided through the season pass has only just finished being released, and Square Enix is already promising more paid DLC for Final Fantasy...