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Wooly Mammoth Photo: Wikimedia, Flying Puffin

Genetic editing has huge potential complications

When I first heard of Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats (CRISPR) I thought about human DNA as a series of Lego blocks from which...
Czarny Protest, Iga Lubczańska, Flickr

Stop the War on Women’s Bodies

Tony Allen, Beverly Devakishen, Angel Loera, Gavin O’Donnell, Mireia Molina, Griffin Shiel and Sacha Silverstone explore reproductive rights around the world Poland Last year,  in response...
UFO,, Paul Hartzog

CIA declassifies documents including evidence of UFOs

Last week, the CIA released 13 million documents which they declassified, concerning a diverse number of issues from 1940s to the 1990s. The documents...
World Map,, Smurfy

Concrete on 2017

Emily Hawkins, Tony Allen, Adam Robertson Charlton, Orla Knox-Macaulay, James Chesson and Angel Loeraís predictions for the year ahead. 2017: ten years since the first...
christmas tree, pixabay

Jingle all the way to the tills: the commercialisation of Christmas

Christmas time is around the corner, but its signals are not new to December. In fact, we could witness them from mid-autumn: shops adorned...
Protest at Trump rally in Chicago Photo: Wikipedia, nathanmac87

The Divided States of America

The American election has the power to divide not only a nation, but the rest of the world. A divisive campaign on both sides,...