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Is friends with benefits ever beneficial?

So, I used to have an on-off relationship with one of my friends. It was purely physical; besides stuff we did as friends, we...
philip evans "no sex" on flickr

“I’m not against sex, I just don’t have it”

Everyone has a thing right? Some people are scared of flying or haven’t learnt to ride a bike. Others are into taxidermy or have...
silence by Rebecca Barray on flickr

The masturbation taboo

Masturbation is great. So why aren’t women and girls talking about it? Why doesn’t this have a by-line? Growing up, the guys around at school...

Is it possible to filter out porn when it comes to real sex?

I enjoy porn, though I hasten to add that I’ve never paid for it, nor expect that I ever will. I watch porn when...
handcuffs by George Hodan on

Fetishes: what’s yours?

In life, every person is unique. The same can therefore be said for sex. Each of us is an individual and each of us...
Prague, Photo: Photo: Wikipedia, Moyan Brenn

Interrailing with anxiety

I was in Prague. The sun was shining, the hostel was cool and colourful. Even better, affordable, the buildings were beautiful, the people were...