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Broadchurch: the TV thriller returning this February

The ITV thriller is moving away from the murder mystery angle and entering a new realm of investigating sexual abuse. Broadchurch fans are currently...
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HESA reveals state school admissions

New data released by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) has showed some changes in the universities accepting a disproportionate number of private school...
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Homeland is back with a boom. Explosive scenes and dramatic romantic interludes were the ingredients to the previous seasons. Not deviating far from the...
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Oldie but Goldie: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

In retrospect, the 1990s television sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air has provided fans with fun, excitement and humour for the family and younger...
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Cecilia Ahern: The Gift

Cecelia Ahern’s novel The Gift is a Christmas treat for all. Written by the author of PS I love you, this magical, fable-like novel...
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The persistence of memory

Salvador Dali’s ‘The Persistence of Memory’ (1931), nicknamed “clocks” is one of the most enigmatic surrealist paintings of the twentieth century. Bent out of...