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Cinderella by Hugo Glendinning

Cinderella: “the most breathtaking thing I have ever watched”

I thought that Matthew Bourne’s production of Red Shoes would be the best thing I would ever watch, but his Cinderella production completely stole...
chinese new year by IQRemix on flickr

Beverly Devakishen on Chinese New Year

The lunar new year has finally come, and for many of us, that means a fresh flow of amazing food, reunions with friends and...
UEA accommodation, flickr, [asterisk]sax

Feeling the pressure?

On the surface, UEA can seem rather intimidating. With the LCR, the bar and flat parties being part of uni culture, one might expect...

Dating: high school vs university

Dating in high school is incredibly different from finding someone to love at university. Your age does make a huge difference in your relationships. For...
rainbow world map gay by janeb13 on pixabay

Travelling with your same-sex partner

As it’s LGBT+ History Month, I thought it may be interesing to explore what it's like to travel as a queer person with your...
choo yut shing, flickr

Should films rewrite history?

The Greatest Showman has received rave audience reviews, with its soundtrack hitting number one in the UK. The movie is moving, aesthetically pleasing and...