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Dating: high school vs university

Dating in high school is incredibly different from finding someone to love at university. Your age does make a huge difference in your relationships. For...
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Travelling with your same-sex partner

As it’s LGBT+ History Month, I thought it may be interesing to explore what it's like to travel as a queer person with your...
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Should films rewrite history?

The Greatest Showman has received rave audience reviews, with its soundtrack hitting number one in the UK. The movie is moving, aesthetically pleasing and...
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The joy of collecting souvenirs

Souvenirs are a people’s way of taking and keeping a tiny piece of a foreign land with them. They’re a physical reminder of all the...

A winter roadtrip

My family and I travelled around the UK for two weeks and covered a total of eight cities- London, Nottingham, York, Whitby, Edinburgh, Lake...

Why ban To Kill a Mockingbird?

‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee was banned from the Mississippi school district reading list because it made people feel uncomfortable to hear...