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Creative Writing: Big Lights

i Vision blurred, so close to the mirror I can touch my own nose. ii I think my pupils are so big they bleed out into the whites of my...

Creative Writing: Untitled

i My head throbs – I long for you to make my spine ripple. ii Your acid tongue dissolves me, laps at melting skin – eaten away. iii We rise, dirigible high – filled...

Creative Writing: Animate Objects

I throw myself at you as though You were an open window. Fold into me like we are a diagram of the way we move. I watch your lips kiss the...

Creative Writing: Ode to a roll-up (smoker)

Your smoke has slunk into every pore. The taste clings to my lips, haunts my hungover mornings and the dawns I stayed awake to watch. Every packet of...

Creative Writing: Childer

Screaming beak beech mouths, open shells crying for their lost loves – mothers mourning embryos that left home, will not return. But will grow.

Creative Writing: Horizon

Hillock of thrusting buttocks and hips – broken dry stone spine, shifting. Deep ravine, valley walls where waters run swift in fertile ground. Branches and bracken catch, clawing at river-bed. Breeze rustle-of-leaves sighs.