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iron fist, Murray Lewis

Iron Fist

After a childhood jet-accident strands him in the mountains for fifteen years, the presumed-dead heir to Rand Enterprises returns to New York to find..., ParaDox

Reviewing Acceptance

Of course, every review is ‘personal’ in that views can never be wholly objective, but when reading about games such as Acceptance, it helps...
Dan Stevens star of Legion,, Gordon Correll

Review: Legion – Chapter One

Of the ten people that were willing to let me talk to them about X-Men, nine of them said they had never heard of...
Assyrian vase, Mustard Centre (Wikimedia, Jastrow)

Syria’s ‘Untold Pilgrimages’: A surprisingly tight-lipped affair

The setup for the Mustard’s Untold Pilgrimages struck me as uncharacteristic of the centre’s usually generous layouts. Each exhibit resides in its own atrium,...
Ginger Photo Credit: Flickr, Wikicommons

Ginger: Beyond the Crystal

The late 90’s were the 3D-platforming Golden-Age. I, and just about every other television-belaboured child I knew of was quite familiar with the progressive,...
Earthbound illustrated by Kirsty McAlpine

Earthbound: Fourth wall breaker, genre shaker, heart-breaker

In the words of Zero Punctuation, if it doesn’t combine friendship with a hearty dose of God-killing, it just-isn’t a JRPG. That’s fine, if...