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I looked at you as if to say I’d let you crawl inside my head to perch upon my memories. From your pupils to the mountains – I...
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The Smallest Den

The last room of hell, with moist walls and covered windows. A little television buzzes and three creatures huddle in front. They browse the channels, and amongst...

A morning in the life of Corbyn

The Corbynator wakes up panic-stricken. He had a nightmare that Britain might stay in The Single Market and the EU will curb state aid,...
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“Brexit bullies” paradox

Commons Speaker, John Bercow risked becoming Britain’s latest ‘saboteur’, last week. At least, that’s what the Brexit cheerleaders would have you believe. The Chancellor...
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The Meta Image

The jingle written beneath the carpenter's sign. There's one image you remember from each job you've had. An absent minded, gazing away image. Ivy clasping the drainpipe...