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Board of Christmas cheaters

The unstoppable steam train of Christmas hurtles forward, as does the usual drill: mingling with relatives you only see once a year, consuming more...
Shardayyy, flickr

2017 in television

Post-Brexit and post-Trump, more than ever we needed a good year of TV to escape into and, looking back, 2017 was a rather brilliant...
Simon Pielow,

Murder On The Orient Express doesn’t run out of steam

Agatha Christie may be one of the finest detective writers of all time but her intricate and dialogue-heavy novels don’t exactly scream ‘gigantic $55...
Miles Atkinson

Lord of the small screens: the two mediums

With the huge, and surprisingly unpopular, announcement that Amazon are flirting with the idea of adapting Lord of the Rings for the small screen,...

Inkwell Productions injects energy into performance of Waiting for Godot

Nothing happens. Nobody comes, nobody goes. It’s awful. These are not my words, dear reader, these are the words of Estragon – a character from...
succo, pixabay

Is it time for Doctor Who to go?

As the new Tardis team is announced for season 11 of Doctor Who, Dan Struthers and Evlyn Forsyth-Muris debate whether the show should keep...