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House of Cards Season 5 Review

“You made this bed, America,” drawls a smug Frank Underwood. “You voted for me.” This is about as subtle as House of Cards gets,...
House of Cards,, Dbenbenn

House of Cards

Early 2016: House of Cards season four is released. Barack Obama is still President. Britain is still a part of Europe. Taylor Swift and...
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TV Guilty Pleasures: Please Like Me

When my friend recommended a small Australian TV series called Please Like Me I was skeptical, even when she pointed out that it had...
Sherlock, illustrated by Dougie Dodds

Sherlock: A critical view on series four

Sherlock has dealt with some turbulence in recent years on its upward surge to international juggernaut. Series three had the problem of trying to...
Doctor Who, illustrated by Dougie Dodds

Doctor Who: What happened?

When did it stop being cool to bring up in conversation that you watch Doctor Who? For many it would be the end of...
Illustration by Dougie Dodds

The Crown: Netflix’s new £100m show

Why are we as a country so obsessed with the royal family? Is it because they are the beating heart of our nation? Is...