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Inkwell Productions injects energy into performance of Waiting for Godot

Nothing happens. Nobody comes, nobody goes. It’s awful. These are not my words, dear reader, these are the words of Estragon – a character from...
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Is it time for Doctor Who to go?

As the new Tardis team is announced for season 11 of Doctor Who, Dan Struthers and Evlyn Forsyth-Muris debate whether the show should keep...
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Noirwich Crime Writing Festival: Anthony Horowitz

Many authors would kill to have the career that Anthony Horowitz has had and seeing as Horowitz is the master of murder, he’d probably...
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In My Unpopular Opinion: Stranger Things is overrated

Stranger Things season two may have won the hearts of Netflix viewers, but when you strip away the 80’s nostalgia and references it smothers...
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Darren Aronofsky has a tendency to direct and write disturbing (Black Swan), polarising (The Fountain) and controversial (Requiem for Dream) films, but mother! may...
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Freshers on the small screen

Fresh Meat, The Young Ones, Community. What do these seemingly random bunch of shows have in common? Why, university of course! University life is...