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Travelling Children. Photo: Pixabay

Studying the travel curriculum

As students, many of us will be used to the idea of travelling alongside our work and studies. We use it to supplement with...

Travelling at Easter – making experiences to savour

I think it’s safe to say that when the majority of students looked at our timetables for the year and noticed a three-week-long Easter...
Travel japan stories

The stories that made me a traveller

I have always been an avid reader. When I was younger I would devour book after book, never getting enough of the fictional worlds...
Rio de Janeiro at sunset. Photo: Flickr, Chensiyuan

Reminiscing over Rio de Janeiro

A city that runs on the swinging beat of soulful samba, Rio de Janeiro is a place you visit once, return to multiple times,...
Autumn Leaves in Montreal. Photo: Flickr, Pacheco

The must-see events of 2016

The new year always seems to bring an immense sense of opportunity that ignites the ambitious side within us, and it is absolutely true...
Photo: Fulvio Spada, Flickr

Beating the burnout of travelling

Often when we travel, especially to places in close proximity to each other, cities can begin to blend in with one another. When...