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UEA library. Photo: Daniel Salliss.

Black university applicants more likely to be investigated

Black people in the UK are 21 times more likely to have their university applications investigated, a report by The Independent has shown. According to...
Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Flickr

Why does tax evasion still surprise us?

When a BBC notification flashed up on my phone, all I could really do was laugh: her Majesty is avoiding tax. Already that’s a...
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10 wild movies

Bikini Girls on Ice: At some point a group of film executives must have been chatting. They want to make a horror film, but...
Wikimedia Commons, sconosciuto

Borg vs. McEnroe

Borg vs McEnroe opens with a quote by Andrei Agassi. ‘Every match’, he says, ‘is a life in miniature’. Its use is a very...