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The Kremlin’s threat to foreign press freedom

The Kremlin continued its retaliation against the investigation into Russian hacking during the 2016 US election this week, forcing through a new law targeting...
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Boris Johnson’s Iran remarks

Boris Johnson is under renewed pressure this week after a mistake in wording potentialy doubled the prison sentence of a British citizen in Iran....
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Abe romps to victory in Japanese election

Shinzo Abe’s Liberal Democratic party won a thumping victory in a snap election this week, giving the returning Prime Minister a renewed mandate to...
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Trump advisors face criminal charges

The investigation into links between the Donald Trump Campaign and the Russian government stepped up this week as Special Prosecutor Bob Mueller ordered the...
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Eddie Booth explains the rise of the far right

The Austrian election saw the latest instance of a Europe wide resurgence for the far right. Though beaten into a narrow third place, the...
Theresa May, the home secretary, at the Policy Exchange.

Comment does conference: Eddie Booth defends the free market

Theresa May surprised us all this week when she launched a fierce defence of the free market, something notable missing from her disastrous general...