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Emily Hawkes


Racism in the healthcare setting

Racial biases within medicine have been rampant and prominent across history. With many doctors and scientists throughout history, reinforcing racial stereotypes and hierarchical systems...

The dangers of fake news

We are currently facing various health challenges worldwide, including outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases such as measles and diphtheria, rising cases of drug-resistant...

Voice of an Egyptian mummy heard for the first time

The sound of a vocal tract from the Egyptian mummy Nesyamun has been synthesised via new technology allowing modern society to re-engage...

Which vegan milk is best for the planet?

The carbon footprint of the dairy industry has become a topic of global interest. Greenhouse gas emissions, land use, and enormous water consumption due...

Global carbon emissions to reach all time high

Research carried out by the Global Carbon Project and the University of East Anglia has estimated a 2.7 percent rise in global carbon dioxide...