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UEA student crowd-funding mental health treatment

A UEA student with a rare disassociative disorder is crowd-funding to raise money for treatment that would enable her to return to study. Chloe Wilkinson...
UEA car park:, N Chadwick

Compromise for staff travel plan

The university have said they will explore other options after staff complaints about UEA’s long-term plan to reduce the number of car-parking spaces for...
UEA Union House, Photo: Flickr, Glenn Wood

Mental health under review

Following widespread debate about the Antony Gormley statues, the university have confirmed that they “take these concerns seriously” and will continue reviewing student mental...
Rebecca McManus, Photo: Cathy McManus

UEA crash victim’s father launches lifetime disqualification petition

The father of Rebecca McManus, a UEA student who died after being hit by a speeding car, has created a petition calling for those...
Wooly Mammoth Photo: Wikimedia, Flying Puffin

DNA clues shed light on woolly mammoth death

Scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, have discovered indications as to why the woolly mammoth became extinct by examining ancient DNA. Researchers have...
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Debut Derby Day triumph for UEA softball

UEA’s Blue Sox softball team beat Essex by a resounding 25-11 victory on Saturday. This was the first time UEA’s softball team, led by...