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Photojournalism: documenting suffering

“A picture can tell a thousand words” isn’t something, as someone in the industry of words, I usually think about. But behind the genericness...
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Stimulants keep students up all night

“They’re good. They help you focus.” Modafinil, the latest kid on the smart drug block, is attractive to many students. It’s not illegal to...

UEA staff reject pension strike agreement

UEA's union branch relayed a rejection of an agreement to end the pension strike to their national committee today. An agreement was reached between the...
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Is there a sexual assault epidemic at UEA?

The highest number of reported incidents of rape, assault and harassment at a university took place at UEA over the past five years. 135 incidents...
Emily Mildren and Megan Furr

Celebrating 350 issues of student journalism

Publishing our 350th issue is somewhat of a daunting task. Knowing you are part of something with a history far greater than you and...