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UEA to add library study spaces

UEA has announced plans to expand the library with new study spaces. In a statement on the portal, the university said that the spaces will...
Fossil fuel divestment protest, Lewis Martin

UEA students in fossil fuel divestment “die in” protest

Students staged a “die in” on Friday afternoon at the university Registry office, in protest of UEA’s continued commitment to investment in fossil fuels. In...
International Students Day, Yves Guillou

International students’ day

November 17th marked the 75th observance of International Students’ Day. First started in 1941, the day marks the anniversary of Nazi troops storming Charles...
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Round Up 360

Hollande’s problems persist A handful of French MPs are seeking to impeach President Francois Hollande following the publication of a book in which the President...
Russell Group university, Oxford photo: flickr, Franco Folini

Government U-turn on higher education bill

The government has announced amendments  of their proposed bill of reforms of higher education, U-turning on their original omission of student representation in the...
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University commits to relocating Nightline

The university has said that they will commit to the relocation of Nightline from the UEA Library to a space fit for purpose by...