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Traffic Jam, commuter Photo: Photo: Wikimedia, US Census Bureau

Study find unis failing “commuter students”

New research from Kingston University has recommended courses be altered to better suit students who commute long distances to university each day. In their research...
Suffolk Terrace, Photo: Flickr, Gerry Balding

Nightline receive union support after forced office move

UEA union council have voted to formally support Nightline following their claims that the service has been compromised after they were forced to move...
NUS President Elect Malia Bouattia at UEA. Photo: Jo Swo

UEASU officers sign open letter defending Malia Bouattia

Around 170 student leaders, including five SU officers and student leaders from UEA have signed an open letter opposing claims made in a report...
UEA|SU's free to use printer Photo: James Chesson

UEA|SU introduces free printing to help student living costs

UEA’s Student Union introduced a free printing machine, as part of a series of new projects to help students with the cost of living...

Norwich Council delays decision on Article 4

Norwich City Council Cabinet have said they will delay a decision on a motion to limit shared housing in the Golden Triangle. If the...

The news where you weren’t

Emily Hawkins, Stephen Cole, Megan Baynes and Jessica Frank-Keyes take a look at the stories from around the UK that made headlines this summer Scotland EU...