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Commuter woes to continue

Train fares across the UK went up by an average of 3.4 percent in the New Year, the largest rise in rail fares for...

SFE Fraud uncovered

Fraud in Britain’s student loan system has been uncovered by a ten-month long BBC Panorama investigation in one of England’s biggest private colleges. Greenwich School...
Robert Oxley, DFID

Priti Patel resigns amid Israel scandal

The International Development Secretary Priti Patel resigned amid controversy over organising unauthorised meetings with senior Israeli officials. Patel was summoned back from a trip to...
Negative Space, Pexels

SLC under investigation

The Treasury Committee is to investigate the student loan system and the financial implications of tuition fees, joining two other committees also looking into...

UEA Breaks The Day

UEA's first-morning celebration was held as part of Livewire1350's two weeks of events organised to attract new members to the student station. Held on...
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Beloved Toys ‘R’ Us gone bust

Toys 'R' Us Inc., which also owns the brand Babies 'R' Us, filed for bankruptcy protection earlier this week in the U.S. and Canada...