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In conversation with Adrian Wootton

Decked out in summer gear, our film editor Gus Edgar interviews film industry professional and UEA alumnus Adrian Wootton on his career, Netflix, and...

Berlinale film fest

Film festivals are the proving ground for new filmic talent, and Berlinale International Film Festival, which took place in Berlin 15-25 February, was no...
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Pretty-petal flowers

Pretty-petal-flowers stick needles in my eyes O’ my lovely, you witch. I fear you pollinate me oh my senses are awry; thread strings of dandelion through my...
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The greatest Oscar race in years?

The Golden Globes may have made their decision, but we are still in no way closer to determining which film is going to win...
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The movie trend of 2017

Thankfully, the movie trend of 2017 is not, in fact, ‘deer jumping in front of moving cars’, as Get Out, Graduation, A Cure For...
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10 wild movies

Bikini Girls on Ice: At some point a group of film executives must have been chatting. They want to make a horror film, but...