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A Haiku

Knock knock. Who's there? Hike. Hike who? No it isn't, it's  one syllable too long.
Logan: Flickr, BagoGames

Film review: Logan

The year is 2029 and the X-Men are essentially a thing of the past. No, this isn’t the state of a post-superhero fatigue movie...
T2, Dougie Dodds

T2 Trainspotting

T2 Trainspotting has returned to the station after a twenty year absence, carrying with it all the world-weary baggage of its predecessor. It’s a...

Oldie but goldie: The Crystal Maze returns!

The Crystal Maze returns to our screens this year, bringing along all of its outdated costumes and cheesy challenges. For the uninformed, The Crystal Maze...

One blind, One deaf

Binded by me blinded I fell behind did I, dead eye. Dead eye disclosed this exposed globe close to closed, I sigh. On my watch the...

I, Daniel Blake

Ken Loach’s latest film opens with a frustrating conversation in which the film’s titular protagonist (Dave Johns) is unable to discuss a recent heart...