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London. Photo: Flickr, gacabo

Hannah Brown: we should remain unafraid in the face of terror

I have never felt safe in a big city. I don't like crowds, and I don't like noise. Cities like London, and even Southampton...
Mouth of the Los Angeles River, Long Beach, California Photo: Bill McDonald, Algalita Foundation

Anti-pollution promises

In New York, delegates from China, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines met to discuss the state of the world's oceans at a UN's ocean...

Life at UEA 25 years ago

From 1992 to 2017, more has changed that just our media office. Concrete looks back at life 25 years ago. It’s 1992, and the campus...
Disney, Ellie Budge

A childhood without Disney

“So, you know that scene in Bambi, right?” “Um… no. I’ve never seen Bambi. Or Dumbo. Or-” “WHAT?!” It’s always the same response when you tell someone...
Whale at SeaWorld, Pixabay, Scooby12353

What we can learn from Tilikum

The very public death of the orca whale Tilikum, who lived at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida, has caused yet more discussion and arguments over...
John Hurt Wikimedia, David Shankbone

Oldie but goldie: John Hurt

If you had a childhood like mine, you grew up with a wizard called Merlin and a very grumpy dragon voiced by the brilliant...