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Sainsbury Centre,, N Chadwick

Hannah Brown explores Norwich’s best museums on your doorstep

When you ask someone if they want to go to a museum, more often than not you might get a look that screams, “I’d...
Massive stars observed in neigbouring galaxy. Photo: NASA, Wikimedia

Massive stars observed in neigbouring galaxy

Massive stars have been observed in a neighbouring galaxy, where they were once thought to be rare. The galaxy 30 Doradus, or Tarantula nebula, contains...
Angelo Amboldi, Flickr

It’s time to appreciate our traditions

For as long as I can remember, the Christmas period has always been the same. On Christmas Eve, I spend the day baking. Anything...

First Interstellar object named

An asteroid which is not of our Solar System is the first interstellar object to be given a name. It was discovered by scientist Rob...
Wikimedia Commons

Anti-Bullying Week: did you even know it existed?

When I was younger, once a year my primary school would have us dress in blue, and stand up for anti-bullying. Anti-bullying week was...
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A tour of Norwich Cathedral

If you’ve been to Norwich – as you definitely should have done by now! – you will have realised a few things. Firstly, there...