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Hannah Brown on how to mix uni life with uni love

Tinder  If you’ve never had a Tinder account, truth be told, you’re probably doing something right. Whilst there are a select few success stories, it’s...

Celebrating LGBT+ History Month

February marks LGBT+ History Month in the UK, to “promote equality and diversity for the benefit of the public” ( It’s a month to...
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Cosmo Norwich: an all-you-can-eat treat

Cosmo, a relatively new restaurant chain, opened in 2003 and is unique in what it can give you. It might appear to be a...
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Habitat fragmentation threatens ‘little tiger cats’

With only around 10,000 left in the wild, the “little tiger cat”, vulnerable to extinction, has been given a new breath of hope from...
Sainsbury Centre,, N Chadwick

Hannah Brown explores Norwich’s best museums on your doorstep

When you ask someone if they want to go to a museum, more often than not you might get a look that screams, “I’d...
Massive stars observed in neigbouring galaxy. Photo: NASA, Wikimedia

Massive stars observed in neigbouring galaxy

Massive stars have been observed in a neighbouring galaxy, where they were once thought to be rare. The galaxy 30 Doradus, or Tarantula nebula, contains...