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Harry Edwards


It’s time for Gove to go

Harry Edwards argues that it's time for Education Secretary, Michael Gove, to leave government due to incompetency.

Reel Big Fish – live

Whilst they have never pushed the envelope forward, Reel Big Fish are a solid bet for a fun night out.

Stumbling giants and a vinyl renaissance

HMV’s downfall doesn’t spell the end for the physical format, says Harry Edwards

Welcome to Westminster, twinned with Eton

The privileged backgrounds and high wages of MPs are excluding the essential working class voice Britain needs, argues Harry Edwards.

A cultural drugs craze? How retro

Is a conservative attitude to drug use making pop culture too safe?

Albums of 2012: On The Impossible Past – The Menzingers

A bleeding honesty, love and integrity oozes out of every pore of the Pennsylvanian quartet’s third full LP.