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Charlotte Williams

Some bunny that I used to know

Take one cursory glance around the UEA broads on any given day and you'll realise the phrase 'breeding like rabbits' certainly comes from a...
First Dates, illustrated by Dougie Dodds

First Dates: A perfect show for escaping deadlines & exams

You have had a rough night. Questionable drinking choices paired with those pesky deadlines that just will not go away no matter how many...

Live Review: NME Awards Tour @ The LCR

“Who’s excited for Cabbage? Who’s excited for Blossoms? Who’s excited for me?” Rory Wynne asks the audience as he struts around the stage in...
TV Set, Ella Finch

25 years of TV: A complete metamorphosis

25 years of TV. Totally doable. I will just start with the early eighties and work my way up, right? Imagine my tangible surprise...
woman with clear skin, pexels

Pore strips

It’s 11pm. My flat mate has returned from a Boots run with a bright green packet filled with five gritty black rectangles that, she...
Piotr Siedlecki, Public Domain

How much has viewing changed?

My friends, the future is upon us. No longer will lengthy train journeys or internet-free cafes be a problem for our entertainment-starved brains. Netflix...