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Travelling on a budget

I’ve always wanted to travel, I sit in the library and see people on Facebook and Instagram all over Asia, Australia, South America and...
Edinburgh Castle, Photo- Safron Blaze, Wikipedia

Why you should avoid valentines day cliches

When I think of romantic minibreaks, I immediately think Paris, Italy and New York; the ideal places to find romance lingering in the air....
Witches of Eastwick, Norwich Theatre Royal

Witches of Eastwick Review

The Witches of Eastwick is a musical adaptation of John Updike’s novel, published in 1984. This version, directed by Jeremy Tustin, follows the same...
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One month, seven states

Travelling around the United States was the most exciting and terrifying thing I have ever done. But you’ll be pleased to know it was...

Review: Madama Butterfly

Madama Butterfly is a beautifully composed opera by Giacomo Puccini. This particular version, directed by Annilese Miskimmon takes this timeless tale, and sets it...
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“The time of my life” in Roanoke

‘It is the experience of a lifetime’, ‘you won’t regret it’, ‘it was the best time of my life’… all the words you hear...