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New year, new you

Forget the diet, forget the exercise and forget finding new love. Instead fill up your life with art, culture and languages with these New...
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Sam Gyimah appointed as new universities minister

Sam Gyimah has been appointed as the new Minister of State for Universities and Science in the Prime Minister’s latest reshuffle. He will now...
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Norwich hold Premier League Champions

Norwich City managed to earn themselves a third round replay in the FA Cup when they held Chelsea to a 0-0 draw, in what...
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Football’s new tech: so VAR, so good?

People are divided over Video Assistant Refereeing, as it begins to be fazed into football. In the first, Chelsea were 1-0 down as Eden Hazard...
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Love-struck by a new season

“Finding love is all heartbreak, disappointment and misery... until it isn’t,” laments the ever beautiful Dylan upon his return to our screens. This season...
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Almost 300 doctors’ appointments missed last month

Over 290 people failed to attend their GP/Nurse appointment at UEA’s Medical Centre last month. Over 49 hours of appointments were wasted, leading to a...