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Photo:, Tulane Public Relations - Student in Class

Study says debt deters poorer students from university

A study has shown that students from lower income families are more likely to be discouraged from going to university due to higher tuition...

UEA election model predicts Norfolk to turn blue

The Conservatives are set to win all Norfolk constituency seats, according to UEA's general election forecast. Labour's Clive Lewis has a 76 per cent probability...
UEA, teaching wall 5. Photo: Flickr, Harry Harris.

Student loan interest rates increase

Interest rates on student loans have risen by a third in the wake of a post-Brexit inflation surge, meaning graduates will have to repay...
Florence, Jack Leik

Flying solo for the first time

The first time travelling without parents is a beautiful, formative experience. The endless possibilities of the world stretch out in front of you like...