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Jacob Beebe

Going into his 2nd year of his Biomedicine degree, Jacob plans to spend his time in the hive huddled around a cuppa’ - more than likely sporting a befuddled expression on his face. Aside from his studies he is a guitarist, saxophonist and a budding drummer. Previously a committed Environment writer, he aims to make the newly formed Science and Environment section an interesting new addition to Concrete.

GM mosquitoes resist malaria infection

Malaria is a prevalent infectious mosquito- borne disease. The distribution of malaria occurs as a broad belt around the equator with high prevalence in...

What’s new in science – 17th November

Astronomers have identified the most distant object yet in the solar system. Two potential ice volcanoes have been found on the surface of Pluto. Analysis has...

Blood-brain barrier overcome for the first time

The blood-brain barrier has long been a significant block against getting drugs and therapies into the brain to exact their effect. However, for the...

What’s new in science – 3rd November

The lion population in Africa could decline by a half within 20 years. A case of anthrax has been confirmed in a cow on a...

Four UK bird species facing extinction

Many would associate the word extinction with thoughts of exotic animals from distant countries: pandas, rhinos, tigers, for example. And you wouldn’t be wrong....

Elephants rarely get cancer, but why?

It is accepted by the scientific community that cancer is not caused by a single mutation in DNA, but by an accumulation of a...