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Jacob Beebe

Going into his 2nd year of his Biomedicine degree, Jacob plans to spend his time in the hive huddled around a cuppa’ - more than likely sporting a befuddled expression on his face. Aside from his studies he is a guitarist, saxophonist and a budding drummer. Previously a committed Environment writer, he aims to make the newly formed Science and Environment section an interesting new addition to Concrete.

What’s new in science – 20th October

Scientists working in China have discovered teeth belonging to modern humans that date to at least 20,000 years earlier than the previously thought. A 125...

Cancer drug shows promise for MS treatment

An experimental compound originally aimed aimed at tackling cancers, particularly brain and basal cell, has now been found to be effective at treating multiple...

New in science

Every fortnight Concrete brings you the latest in science, in brief. New findings from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter provide evidence that liquid water flows on...

Ultrasound used to control brain cells

The Nematode worm, Caenorhabditis elegans, more commonly referred to as C. Elegans, has long been used as a model organism in many areas of...

UEA’s honorary class of 2015

It’s one of UEA’s most famous alumni, the one that everyone is quick to mention when defending our wonderful university – “Greg James went...

Tame HIV therapy cures debilitating genetic disease

When met with the term ‘HIV’, the mind, understandably, associates it with the terrible scenes witnessed in the news about the devastating effect HIV/AIDs...