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nua zine exhibition by jacob chamberlain

NUA’s Zine society exhibition: “merging the punk and the pink”

There is something inherently punk about zines – a subcultural phenomenon with a small circulation, a DIY ethic fused with the use of appropriated...
dream wife by dream wife

Dream Wife: punk rock power

The phrase “dream wife” seems like something straight out of an advert from the fifties, conjuring an outdated ideal that equates femininity with domesticity....
waterfront, pxhere

The Waterfront: venue profile

At this point, the Waterfront is essentially synonymous with Norwich. Opening in 1990, and being taken over by the SU in 1993, it has...
Paul Hudson, flickr

The best is yet to come: Venue’s albums of 2017 and 2018

My album of 2017: Brand New - Science Fiction Eight years in the making, Brand New’s follow up to 2009’s Daisy had immense pressure upon it....
wolf alice jacob chamberlain

We catch up with Wolf Alice

This week, indie-rock band Wolf Alice performed at our very own LCR. Jacob Chamberlain caught up with them before the show to see how...