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Jasmin Gray

A second year English Literature student, Jasmin is a proud Lincolnshire Yellowbelly who has been writing for the Features and Lifestyle sections of the newspaper for a year. She loves reading, tea, and can give a shower rendition of Beyoncé with the best of them. Find her procrastinating in the library or watching Mean Girls for the 800th time. That is so fetch.

Go sober this Stoptober

Freshers Week: seven days of drinking, partying and all-round debauchery. While October would usually mean the continuation of this excess, this year, students and...

Money, Money, Money

Student budgeting can be difficult, but with a bit of planning it can be a breeze. Find out how to make money money money not an issue.

The world of drug slang

Jasmine Grey offers some insight on to the slag given to the more commonly used illegal drugs.

Housemates from Hell

Features writer Jasmin Gray lists the ‘hellish’ changes that might happen when you and your friends go from flats to houses.

Second Term Resolutions

Jasmin Gray shares her advice on how to make this academic term better than the last.

A guide to buying Secret Santa presents

Jasmin Gray discusses how to gift hunt for Secret Santa.