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Photos: LA (Pixabay, Upsplash); Machu Pichu (Pixabay, HolaMA); Sri Lanka (Wikimedia, Patty Ho); Seoul (Public Domain Pictures, Neothinker); Map (Wikimedia)

Concrete hits the road

In the 25 years since Concrete first churned through the printing press, the newspaper has been home to countless editors, reporters, writers and copy...
Marrakech,,, Luc Viatour

Marrakech Hammam “could be compared to the opening scenes of a lesbian porno”

‘I like your skirt - you walk like a chicken’ was just one of the many bizarre, backhanded compliments I received from business owners...

Sat-navs, Satan and a sex shop

It seemed like a great idea when we began planning our trip of the USA (starting in Santa Barbara, California, travelling via Hawaii to...
Golden gate bridge

California: West coast is the best coast

UCSB stands for the University of California, Santa Barbara, but other interpretations of this acronym include University of California, So Blessed and U Can...