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Beloved Banksy painting destroyed

In today’s society, there’s a lot of discourse surrounding art ownership. Does the art belong to the artist once it has been mass-produced and...

Pale Waves: a refreshing indie debut

After falling in love with Pale Waves’ track The Tide earlier this year, I was eagerly anticipating their debut album and expecting big things. ...
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Gig proposals: cute or cringey?

Cute! "There’s an image we have of romance, lifted directly from 80s movies, of the foolhardy, lovestruck Romeo-wannabe who makes a huge gesture to woo...
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The Arctic Who?

Finally, it’s here: word of a brand spanking new Arctic Monkeys album! The band’s return to the music scene was announced when they were...
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Thrilling: Sam Smith

Sam Smith strikes again! After a three-year break, a haemorrhage, an Oscar, and a series of summer release singles, his 14-track sophomore album has...