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Joel Taylor


Advertising and #NotBuyingIt

Joel Taylor investigates sexual advertising and the #NotBuyingIt trend.

Debate – Should prisoners be allowed to vote? – Yes

Joel Taylor argues that prisoners should be allowed to vote.

Were the Union right to ban the burger van? – debate special

In light of the controversial news surrounding the banning of the burger van, Concrete hosts a debate on the subject.

Online privacy becoming an increasing concern

Comment writer Joel Taylor argues that an online world comes at a sacrifice: nothing online is ever truly private, and nothing can ever be truly eradicated once uploaded.

“Down it Fresher!”- staying teetotal at university

Features writer Joel Taylor offers advice to students about how stay sober at University without being antisocial.

‘Trust, but don’t be naive’

Suspicious of your partner? New service Qororiqo allows you to check up on their fidelity, reports Joel Taylor