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The mirror refracts The eyes’ limitations exposed, You can’t take in the whole image: Forced to focus on elements, Gaze distorted, Everything abstracted. Trying to piece the fragments together is...
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Comment: Greer ‘belongs in our history’

It’s a difficult debate in the feminist movement: How do we see influential second wave feminist figures like Germaine Greer whose transphobic comments have...
R-41, wikipedia

Judith Howe reports on Fine Gael’s new leader

The Irish liberal-conservative Fine Gael party has announced that the successor to outgoing Taoiseach Enda Kenny, who stepped down in May having served as...

48.1/ 51.9

We woke up with a line down our faces Split almost, but not quite evenly halfway We all held parts of the other side of the...

When the statues went up

When the statues went up people said it was Art, A reminder of humanity amongst the concrete corners. When the statues went up people said it...

A New Year’s Haiku

A caterpillar The date, Does not ask for change It simply flies on