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Big day for AJ after victory over Takam

Despite a slightly concerning performance for fans, in Cardiff Anthony Joshua retained his heavyweight title belts following his win against Cameroonian- French boxer Carlos...
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How to be green

Recycle! Just like your cardboard and beer bottles, the council picks up your unwanted textiles (no matter what condition they are in)! Instead of throwing...
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Venue editorial 342

Welcome to my favourite Venue of the year: the Halloween issue. There’s no better excuse than Halloween to dress outrageously and have a great...
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Fashion Horoscopes

Aries It’s getting colder and winter boots are back in. Try pairing them with colourful or patterned tights for a more daring look. Taurus Hat, scarf, and...
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Fashion horoscopes

Aries, March 21 - April 19 You’re stuck in a fashion rut, Aries, and this is your week to change it. Get yourself to Chapelfield and...
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Purple power

Stop whatever it is you’re doing and listen closely, because it’s official: purple is the colour trend of 2017. And more specifically, lipstick is...